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Re: Do flaws make good characters great?

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I can see a rebooted TNG with characters full of flaws...

Picard - Murdered his brother so he could control the family vineyard.

Riker & Troi - Riker raped Troi in the past which is how they know each other. Troi is constantly fucking around with his head.

Data - Has schizophrenia and murderous tendencies.

Worf - Is a practicing cannibal.

Beverly Crusher - Practices untried therapies on her patients, including Wesley who is autistic.

LaForge - Truly blind and doing dishes in the crew mess.

I thought it was a bold step for TNG to create characters that had upstanding character and didn't harbor flaws in the name of trying to make them interesting.

I think interesting characters are 3D characters, whether they have apparent flaws or not.
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