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Re: TNG Caption This! 293: The Return of the Blu-Ray Images!

Picard: Come here you possessed bugger!

Picard: Is it that serious?
Data: It's a matter of life or death, the crew members clamour for fraternization captain or else they will go crazy or mutiny or both.
Picard: So a relaxing of interpersonal relations is called for?
Data: Absolutely.

The moment the director said cut, each actor looked to the place where they kept their scripts.

Micheal Dorn had his pinned to the ceiling, Denise Crosby had hers stuck onto her console, Marina Sirtis inked her script on her hand and Jonathan Frakes, being the joker he is, embroidered his lines on the armpits of his uniform jacket.

LaForge: Commencing countdown , engines on...
Check ignition and may gods love be with you.
Security officer: What is he doing?
Worf: He calls it the Ziggy Stardust routine.

Picard: Where are Beverly and Troi?

Riker smugly thinking away; threesomes are such fun!
Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

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