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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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What a wonderful time for fans of the original series music! I'm loving those samples. Especially the themes from "Catspaw" and "Elaan" are marvellous!
I'm amazed at the sound quality of these samples. Even on mp3 they sound magnificent very "present".

Shocked at how the "Mace Fight" cue from Catspaw interpolates that one motif from Fried's Amok Time score. I never expected that.

That suggests another thing of interest in this release: to see how the composers borrowed from themselves over multiple seasons. I knew Duning had interpolated some Amok Time stuff into his scores, for example Empath, and also some of Steiner's "Black Ship" motifs. But those were allusions to established motifs. This is more like reworking your own old material into something completely different. An interesting process. It helps explain how so many of the scores can sound "different but the same".
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