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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

One thing that really struck me about this ep...The Governor said to Merle that Rick's group accomplished what Merle said could not be done. - They headed into a place in the Red Zone and took it for their own. I wonder what that says about the Governor's plans?

If Carl, Ass Kicker or Carol are threatened, I could see Daryl turning on Merle. I see those three as Daryl's family. He obviously cares about them quite a bit, and that bond may end up trumping blood.

Andrea must love showers and sex above all reason. Why are not more alarm bells going off in this woman's head? (Granted if I were in a waking Hell and found a refuge, I probably would not ask lots of Qs.)

Michonne is cagey. Therefore, I can see Andrea dismissing some of what M said as paranoria. But, then you have Zombie Battle Royale coupled with experiments.

I don't think the experiments in and of themselves are uber scary. I can understand them wanting to know more about what they are fighting, but everything added together should give her warning bells.

Perhaps Andrea is just someone who is intellectually bright and physically capable but will choose the douchebag every single time?

I never doubted that Glenn was capable in a fight, and both he and Maggie held up well. I feel that her trial was harder though. We have seen Glenn get in and out of hard situations. What Maggie was faced with was horrid. I think the Governor did realize that the only thing that would break them would be their love for each other.

I say the Governor is now my #1 I hope he dies horribly. Merle is at #2.
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