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Re: Age old discussion, Star Trek vs. Star Wars

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The ONLY reason these two keep getting pitted against each other is that they each start with the word Star.

This is why Stargate cleverly used the star word as the first syllable rather than the first word. To avoid these retarded comparisons.
I guess its human nature to compare things with similarities--no matter how light.

For decades, we watched fans and media talking heads compare:

Star Trek v. Star Wars.
in the first half of the 1970s, it was Star Trek v. Space:1999.
DC Comics v. Marvel Comics.
The Beatles v. The Rolling Stones.
Michael Jackson v. Prince (which said something else, as you could not find more dissimilar musical acts).
American Idol v. America's Got Talent.
Babylon 5 v. Deep Space 9.
Alien v. Predator--before that became a reality.
Superman v. Captain Marvel (nevermind National's lawsuit against Fawcett Comics).

...and so on.

Most on this list have few to no similarities and are very much their own animal, but like kids, the "my _______is better than yours" crap turns everything into a ego/competition exercise.

Much nonsense.
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