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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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By the way, No mention of Laura Croft or Buffy as successful female led action offerings? Yes I know Buffy was primarily TV, but they have entire COURSES in college based on her now...
According to Box Office Mojo, Tomb Raider made 131 million domestically on a 115 million dollar production budget. It did another 143 million overseas, but, studios don't get as much from overseas ticket sales. So... success...? Mmm. Not like Batman, Spiderman or Iron Man success, no.

And as far as Buffy... Let's be honest. It's a niche show with a VERY strong, very vocal fan base that's not actually THAT big. We have a myopic view here about how popular the TV show is. It's a cult show. And popular among the nerds and the geeks, and apparently professors, but in order to make a tent pole picture, you have to appeal to a LOT more people than Buffy ever did when it was on TV.

Edited to add: And it looks like Tomb Raider's sequel only brought in 65 million domestically at the box office on a 90 million dollar budget.... OUCH. A good example of why they might be nervous to green light a Wonder Woman movie. Even a star like Jolie couldn't bring in people.
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