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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

archeryguy1701 wrote: View Post
Denver seriously benefitted from playing the Chiefs today... if they had gone up against any real team, Denver would have gotten themselves torn a new asshole. Fortuantely, the Chiefs seem to have an endzone allergy, which let the Broncos survive a pretty ugly offensive outing.
The defensive outing wasn't much better. Until KC stopped running the ball because it was working so well for them, the Broncos were having a lot of trouble tackling anybody. Not Chargers bad, but still bad.

1001001 wrote: View Post
This may just be the vodka talking, but after the Rams' glorious victory today I'm ready to declare the Super Bowl ours for the taking.
Don't you know to not listen to the vodka?

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What he's telling him is, "I tied your shoe for you, now fucking block someone!"
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