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Re: College Football 2012

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OSU - 26
Mich - 21

Man am I glad that one's over!
Perhaps, when Notre Dame gets their butts kicked by Alabama/Georgia, the AP will see fit to grant Ohio State the #1 ranking. They would be the only unbeaten team left in that scenario. That's gotta count for something.
I have my doubts that they belong in the top 5, though I do consider them top 10 at least. Stewart Mandel sums up my feelings nicely, in his column today

An undefeated season anymore is quite an accomplishment, even with a weak conference like the B1G. Still, I'm not one to place THAT much significance on it, at least not over a team that is clearly superior with 1 loss - like Bama, Georgia, or Florida. Throw Oregon and possibly Kansas St as well, as being better teams than an undefeated Ohio St.
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