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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Yeah, there was some of that going around. It's hard to imagine that hermit guy could last when there were no zombies let alone now.
Moreover, him asking for Rick's badge made absolutely no sense to me. What he was hold up in the barn for the past 1+ years completely oblivious to the zombie apocalypse

General thoughts on this episode:

*Overall very good. The scene with Glenn and the zombie was very intense.

*I'm not getting Andrea's naivete to the experimenting on the the zombie - that should have been a huge warning that shit is going on in the town. When the scientist was trying to investigate the dead zombie should have been a sign that things aint' right in Woodberry because they want through the same shit with Herschel.

*Why did the Governor start to innate a rape of Maggie and back off?

*Daryl and Rick seem to becoming closer friends than even he and Shane were.

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