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Re: Age old discussion, Star Trek vs. Star Wars

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profitable. But there's nothing bad about that.

Another distinction is that Star Wars' strengths are movie strenghts - visuals, action, emotion - and Star Trek's strengths are TV strengths - ideas, character, complex plotlines and themes, modern day parallels.
Agreed & well said. That's why it's hard to compare the two. I'd love to see a thread comparing TNG and/or DS9 to Battlestar Galactica!

But if I had to choose, I'd have to say I'm much more drawn into the Star Trek universe because of the richness of the characters like Data & Odo & the stories related to humanity, identity, etc.

Of course Star Wars is great but it's more of a less serious action-adventure type entertainment (as you had correctly pointed out) that the casual viewer can enjoy. Star Trek is for more serious & hardcore sci-fi fans in my opinion as there is more to follow & watch.

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