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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I was right -- "Mirror" and "Name" do both have relatively short scores, shorter than I expected. Although its score did include a couple of never-before-heard library cues by Courage, which I assume will be on disc 5.

None of the original recordings here have been released before as far as I know, but new performances of cues from "Mirror, Mirror" and "By Any Other Name" were on Varese Sarabande's Star Trek Volume Two, conducted by Steiner. Cues from those episodes that have not previously had a version released are:

"Mirror, Mirror":
Blackship in Space/Blackship Underscore
Thematic Bridge
Evil Kirk/Evil Kirk
Pretty Marlena

(Assuming the two "Blackship Theme" cues are basically the same)

"By Any Other Name":
More Blocks/Rallentando
Short Playoff
Kelinda’s Question/Rojan Roars/Kelinda’s Kiss
Thematic Playoff

There's a cue on the VS album called "Rojan's Victory," which I would speculate might be an alternate name for "Rojan Roars," but I can't be sure.

I'm curious about Discs 4 & 5. The Music of Star Trek's scoring schedule list gives no information about "Patterns of Force," which featured a new motif for the Nazis and which credited George Duning as the episode's composer. I wonder, will that motif turn out to be a hitherto-uncredited piece of library music?
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