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^My great grandmother had a good sense of humor up until the end too. She was 94 and had dementia, but she took me aside once and said, "All my life I've refrained from calling people shit-heads who were rightly shit-heads. Now I can say it whenever I want!" That very evening at dinner my grandmother was being somewhat obnoxious to the waiter and my great-grandmother said, "Dorothy, stop being such a shit-head!"

Everyone who has shared, these have been wonderful stories. Kestra, I love the pictures you can just see the heart and character. doubleoh, I remember you posting about your friend, I'm so sorry this has been such a bad few years. It's so hard when someone goes so young. I think what makes me saddest when I think of my brother is when I wander off into imagining what he'd be like now, as an adult. There are so many years he missed out on.

I didn't mention it before, but I also had a sister who died. She was premature and died before I was born, so her death is much harder on my parents than on me. She was born on December 19th and died on December 21st, 1981. Since she was born so close to Christmas my mother named her Holly Noel, and I've been told she looked just like me but with bright red hair. I often wonder what she would have been like, and how I might be different if she had lived.

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