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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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As of this episode, the Governor is officially a dead man.
Andrea is the question mark in all of this--will she aid in turning on him, or will she side with him during the battle?

It also had the "do dumb things to serve the plot" syndrome.
In this case, there was nowhere to go, with the large number of walkers coming from all sides. They could not take a chance on running ahead and end up blocked by yet another herd.

Running into a cabin to be surrounded by zombies, and setting a zombie to kill your captive, then leaving comes to mind.
Merle did not care. If the walker bit/infected or outright killed Glenn, they still have Maggie to torture for information.

With the first stage of the battle coming, i'm thinking early theories about Daryl being the one to face and/or kill Merle may not be the case, as it could be too expected. Then again, if any of the governor's guards make their way to the prison to capture the rest of Rick's group, and bring them back to be used to end the fighting, Carol being threatened would set Daryl off, despite his stated relationship to his brother (in the preview).

Glenn will either seek revenge without thought about his safety, or I can imagine Maggie wanting her shot for his abuse of Glenn.

Then, there's Michonne....

There's many revenge possibilities here, but I think Merle will find a way to escape and return for more evil at the end of the following season, or even beyond....
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