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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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The new M remains to be seen what he brings to the table.. he's handy in a fight being an ex SAS man and is willing to break the rules if the results are worth it.
Which is odd considering what happened here: Bond's plan did NOT work! Sure they killed and stopped Silva from his evil plans or whatever he had planed to do next. (I think the NOC List thread was taken care of and no longer an issue.) But Silva still succeeded in his end goal: To kill M!

If Bond had NOT kidnapped M, sure, Silva may never have been captured which would have lead to M's disgrace in leaving MI6, but she'd be alive. In the end, kidnapping M helped Silva to get his goal: to kill her.

So Bond failed in this task of protecting M. But won in stopping Silva. Sort of a push, but it's an odd "win" for sure.
As I said upthred, it wasn't abou protectng M, it was aout protecting everyone else.Number of innocent civilians killed by Slva after Bond kidnaps M? Zero.
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