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Re: Should TNG have had different Star Fleet uniforms?

Actually, the jump suits used in Enterprise seemed to be a lot more comfortable and functional. I know Gene said no pockets or zippers, but pockets are one of the greatest advancement in clothing. Zippers I can see as being out dated since by then they could have some type of space Velcro that allows a seamless look to the uniforms.

The white dress uniforms were ugly in my opinion. I would have liked something similar to the uniforms from TWoK to be dress uniforms, with medals or pins on the chest. Rank pips could be on each shoulder, and like in TWoK the overall color would be red, with the undershirts collar having the coloring for their department. Or if no colors on the collar, than some symbol to designate department, like Medical with a Caduceus before or after the rank pips. Yes I know the dress uniform I'm envisioning is getting rather complicated and crowded.

The TWoK uniforms did look more like dress uniforms than duty uniforms.
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