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Re: Why can't Latinum be replicated?

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...robots are almost unknown in the 24th century federation, the ones we do see are oddities.
We do know that Federation ships per early TNG have self-repair and self-cleaning systems
The thing there is, it's made clear in TNG-DS9-VOY that starships are incapable of repairing themselves, and therefor don't engage in self repair.

Anything requiring even the smallest level of physical manipulation, is done "hands on" by a living being. How many times did we see people crawling through jeffries tubes to make small adjustment directly to equipment and replace small components?

this alone implies pretty large implementation of automation as is
Actually, just the opposite. The implication is that macro level physical automation is all but absent, "cleaning itself" would seem to be the most the ship can do too itself.

the writers could have used
But they didn't.

I can imagine Trek humans implementing vastly more advanced means of robotics ...
But they didn't.

As for what we saw in Voyager 'Author, Author' in the end with holograms working in a dilithium mining facility.
Only because Starfleet could not figure out what to do with them, and it's unlikely that more EMH mark ones were created (beyond the 600 plus existing) to be a large "automated " work force given Starfleet's overall displeasure with them.

that's why the writers 'de-evolved' the show into 'current conditions set in SPACE' as time went on (they simply got extremely lazy).
Where do you see any "de-evolution" at all? Starfleet/Federation never had a large robot contingent, that was subsequently removed as time went on.

What we saw was writers being utterly stupid (as usual)
No, it was them being consistent within the Trek universe that was created.

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