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Re: Wii U launches on November 18th

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With the storage space being so low, it's a wonder why they aren't storing save files in a cloud. Save the files temporarily on the drive, upload them when you quit the game, then retrieve them when the game starts up again. Only problem is connectivity, so I'd be making it an option.
They're apparently going to launch that in the future but it's not available any time soon. Though the idea is you can stick your own hard drive on up to 2tb. Though you'd probably have to work hard to get 27gb of saves on the premium version. Even 3.7gb of saves would be a lot. Don't think I have 3.7gb of saves on my Xbox after 6 years.
depends on the games one plays...
If you play Rock Band and use DLC, you need the extra space...
But then again, you would be better of with a PS3/XBOX360 for games like that...
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