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Re: TNG Caption This! 293: The Return of the Blu-Ray Images!

Picard: They’re gonna love this camel spin!
Riker: I don’t remember fireworks being part of this routine!
Crusher: Hmmm…should I call this "Starfleet Follies" or "The Enterprise Ice Capades"?

Picard: Hmmm…I wonder if Data would know who put the bomp in the bomp sha bomp sha bomp?

Yar: God, I can’t believe he’s making us sing Volare again.
Troi: Agreed. I’d rather chew this gum I just found on my boot.
Worf: I’m gonna be a star!!
Riker: And a one! And a two!

LaForge: You say I don’t look good in red? Bitch please!
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