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Re: ENT Caption Contest #84: Many Vanishing Returns

<thinking> I am not fading away, this reflection is my own, and I am not fading away... NOT FADING... away...

Trip: God damn it, I'm stuck on this thingmajingie! Call Phlox because I'm gonna throw up.

T'pol: Alright Archer you're caught! I suspected for some time now you've been dating Hoshi and my only question is why? I thought you were attracted to me?
Archer: You're icy exterior put me off, besides what are you going to do about it? Hit me?
T'pol: Just what chance do you think have?
Archer: <gulps>

Alien to the left: Dear you really need to put on more makeup, your face is going a little red!

Archer: What? Do you don't think I can score?
Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

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