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Re: Stories you would have told in season seven

"I'm glad you're home Captain, we'll begin taking Voyager apart immediately."

"I don't understand, I was going to sign up for a new mission, take my crew out again, with purpose, be heroic, we are Voyagers... Oh. Why are you taking about wrecking my home? No, you can't, you can't... Why did we even bother bringing her home if you just planned on killing her?"

"Your ship is a mess. It's held together by bailing wire and bad dreams. You might not have had a choice out there, but there is no way that a ship that fragile which has been through as much combat as Voyager and not seen a star base in the last 7 years could hold up to even a level C inspection, we're going to gut the engines seal up the phaser emmitters and repurpose the ship as a Museum in your honor."

"Screw that! Paris! Turn this ship around! We're going back to the Delta Quadrant!"
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