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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Did some more playing around with the Polaris engine room over the long weekend. Here's a slightly different concept for the shell of the space. Note that the heavy mechanical components and/or console clusters previously shown in the center of the room will still be there, I've just omitted them for clarity--not to mention the fact that I haven't repainted them yet.

And here is a version with live action elements added, tighter cropping, some color correction and some steamy engine room atmosphere. This is a patchwork of multiple people from multiple scenes intended to provide reference for console/equipment locations and lighting effects. Basically, I've redesigned this whole space in order to put stuff where it needs to be in order for the positions and actions of some of the on-screen characters to make more sense.

With luck, I may be able to get all the bulky stuff in the middle of the room added by tomorrow night.
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