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Re: Stories you would have told in season seven

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Really needed more time on earth, as was mentioned and a commonly criticize for.
I know everyone wants that but it sounds kind of dull. Other than watching 7 try and fit in and maybe some touching Naomi scenes what else is there do?

B'Elanna meets the inlaws, awkward moments ensue.

Janeway does 1000 hours of paperwork.

Harry and Libby embrace and then Harry goes home to his parents.

Chakotay is debriefed out the wazoo because he was Maquis.

Those homey stories on starships where you show them as real people outside of a crisis have their place but a season of them would be a huge let down.
All of that takes up one episode, you can be more creative than that. Otherwise, Voyager is put back to work as a Federation starship, Starfleet tries to replace the doctor with an 'Organic', he has to fight anew for his rights as an individual, other EMHs get wind of this and demand rights of their own.

They obviously couldn't have had a TNG-style episode, but maybe other inicidences of Delta Quadrant life catching up to them? They are the Federation experts on the Borg, and the experts on any Delta Quadrant lifeform who happens to find a wormhole. They're the first ship that gets called for any marginally related issue to the Borg or Delta Quadrant species, this makes them consider retiring from Starfleet.

I think two or three episodes + a two parter finale after returning home wouldn't have run out of material.
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