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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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. My appreciation for the episode grew when I rewatched it on DVD, but I still feel that this would have been a better way to kill off Jadzia than red-eye Dukat randomly shooting her with his magical fire-beam. Even Terry Farrell felt this would have been the perfect way to exit the show. What's more, killing Jadzia now would have allowed them to introduce Ezri earlier and prevented her from dominating the first half of season 7.
Totally agree. Heck, they could have even moved the episode later in the season like right after "Time's Orphan" and added some planning for baby discussions. It also would have made for a nice sub plot of Worf dealing with the fact that her death was his fault, which could have also added an extra layer of tension between him and Ezri.
But would there be enough time to retrieve the Dax symbiont before it then snuffed it if Worf had left Jadzia to die?
Oh, they could have stretched out a dramatic death that would allow Jadzia to die on DS9 rather than him simply finding her dead. Worf gets her back to the shuttle, gets her in stasis on the runabout and then back to DS9 but alas it is all for naught, the Good Doctor can't save Jadzia, only the Dax symbiont. That last scene between Worf and Jadzia becomes their goodbye scene. Then we get to watch Worf slowly lose his mind knowing her death was his fault.
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