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Was the Ambassador Class phased out?

Having watched the Dominion War battle scene again recently, I was sorry we never saw a single Ambassador retaking DS9 or fighting at Chin'Toka. You'd think they'd be at least as common as the numerous Galaxies we saw.

I realize it comes down to which ships got a CG version and which didn't (Between the Defiant, Excelsior, Miranda, Galaxy, and inexplicably rare Nebula, plus the CG ships designed for "First Contact", I guess they thought they had enough), and I could see the Constellations being considered old and possibly phased out, and the small, fragile Oberths being considered unsuitable for combat, but the Ambassador would've been nice to see as well.

The last on-screen appearance of the ship was the Wolf 359 scenes in "Emissary", but the last chronological appearance was in TNG's 5th season. It's possible the class was phased out, or that not that many were ever made in the first place, but still...
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