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Re: Why were the bolians never developed?

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But is Bolarus the home world of the Bolians, or just a world which some Bolians are from? Did any character ever state outright that "Bolias" or whatever was the world on which Bolians evolved? Some humans are from Mars, but Mars isn't the human home world.
I mean, you could hypothesize that Bolarus is a world that most Bolians are from but which is not the world on which they evolved, but there's no evidence indicating this in either the canon or in the novels. The most I can tell you is that Koll Azernal's (Zife's chief of staff) internal monologue in A Time to Kill refers to Bolarus IX as "home" for Zife.

We do, however, know from A Singular Destiny by DeCandido that the legislature on Bolarus is known as the Quorum of Bole.
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