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Re: Constitution, Miranda, and Constelation Class

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The Excelsior-class model was damaged when modifications were made to it for an appearance in Generations, yet the producers elected to pay for a new model. There had to be another reason why the Ambassador-class model wasn't used again.
As I said before, the Ambassador model was damaged and for all I know, sat in a crate until it was repaired to be sold at auction a few years ago. Conversely, Greg Jein built a new model of the Excelsior for "Flashback," and it was smaller, easier to film, and right at hand, unlike the Ambassador. It was also used several times in DS9 for such ships as the Malinche, Frederickson and several background ships in "In Purgatory's Shadow," "Call to Arms" and other eps until it was scanned to have a CGI model made from it. That CGI model then made about a million appearances during DS9's heavily-CGI battle scenes during the final two seasons.

Saul wrote: View Post
Or a reason why they needed another Excelsior model. They built a smaller one for Voyager's episode "Flashback" right?
They needed to build another Excelsior model because they couldn't use the original one, as it had the Ent-B parts permanently stuck to it.

Interestingly, during pre-production for Generations, the producers were going to have an all-new model built for the Ent-B, of a different class. If that would have happened, then the original model could have been used for "Flashback," and we might have seen more ships of the Ent-B's new class later in DS9. But that's not what happened.

throwback wrote: View Post
This is speculation. In one of the mission orders for the Atlantis, there is a diagram of an Excelsior-class starship. It's possible that the two may be connected. If so, it may partly explain why this class of ship is so prominent. The registry of this ship is NCC-72007, which might imply that Excelsiors were still being built in the 2350s and 2360s.
I don't think so. All of those diagrams were just random images that had nothing to do with the text. Sure there's an Excelsior image, but there's also images of other ships and objects as well. IMHO, one should not take literally any kind of link between images and text, especially when the text shouldn't be taken seriously by itself (i.e. the U.S.S. "Elmer Fudd," etc.)
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