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Re: Any old timers still around?

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We were all many different things when we were young, Bonz. Time settles many down.
That is true. But he seemed to be set apart from the typical young'uns back then, he had real issues that went beyond the trolling for lulz-type poster. I wasn't even sure he would survive to become older.

Could it be that Bonzie keeps his remains in her freezer?
Mr. T'Bonz and I met Christian last year when we were in the Netherlands. I can say I had a drink with the great C-Meister. He's rather normal (not aloof or whatever people think of him) and much less shy than I think he was as a younger man.

Santaman and his brother came to town by train to meet up with us during the same trip (different meet-up though.) We had a nice lunch, with us laughing and talking incessantly about TrekBBS and all of the nutcases (including us, of course) around here.
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