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Re: Why were the bolians never developed?

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If Worf were commandant of the Academy, would that mean all Klingons are Federation citizens?
But he's not. It is very unlikely that a Bolian would be overseeing the induction of future members of Starfleet if his own people were not UFP members.
Why? Is Starfleet speciesist?

I'm not even certain Bolians come from Bolarus.
What? Is it Bolias? Or Bolarus? We don't all read all the "novels". No home world was explicitly named for the Bolians. Humans are from Earth, Klingons from Kronos, so why mightn't the Bolians be from, say, Krypton V?

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In the novels, the Federation President... is established to be a male Bolian named Min Zife.
If they don't accept script notations and screenwriter's intent, they won't even contemplate tie-in novels.
Why should I? The only material we might both have been exposed to are the TV episodes and movies. Most fans can't even agree on interpretations of facts and tidbits from those sources. Why would I trust your interpretation of a factoid from a novel based on an author's intent that you might have misconstrued?
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