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Re: VOY Caption This 91; Conspiracy

Thanks for the win!

EMH: I'm not just a Doctor, I'm a voyeur too!

Dalby: I want to be a Maquis!
Chell: You will be assimilated into Janeway's Starfleet
Chakotay: Resistance is futile.

Tuvok: Shall I flog them as well?
Janeway: You mean you haven't already? Bend over and assume the position Mr Tuvok. I'll flog you myself!

Goldshirt: What do I have to do to get out of this away mission?
Janeway: Die.
Goldshirt: I'm not seeing an upside here.

EMH: Mr Kim suffered multiple scratch marks, what looks like several blows to the head with a coffee mug, second degree burns from said coffee, numerous puncture wounds and half a dozen snapped vertebrae before dying.... worst suicide I ever saw.
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