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Re: Remaking British shows for North American TV.

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. . .The show was cancelled after one season but the show was pretty good in concept. It is similar to Terra Nova but without the costly dinosaurs special effects.This show did come out before Tera Nova. A North American version could find an audience that the British version did not have.
It was called Earth 2. It lasted for about the same number of episodes.
At first I thought you meant Earth II, the 1971 pilot for a proposed series about people living on an orbiting space station, starring Tony Franciosa. Damn, I feel old.

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Americans are TERRIFIED of anybody over forty appearing on tv, let alone somebody over 65!!!
We had a slew of such shows during the '80s and '90s--The Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis: Murder (to name some)--that had rather long runs.
What about All In the Family, which was based on the British sitcom Till Death Us Do Part and ran from 1971 to 1979? Archie and Edith Bunker were presumably in their fifties.

Of course, compared to Alf Garnett, Archie was a teddy bear.
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