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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Creepy Milton is looking for the Little Girl Teddy Bear Factor. The irony is that he's either a shitty scientist, or has absolutely no practical knowledge of walker behavior. I'm leaning toward the latter, & adding it to the list of things that makes me think Woodbury is primarily populated by people largely sheltered from the horrors of the new paradigm, unlike Rick's group

It is a mindless ravenous cannibal, so long as there is anything present upon which to feed. He's not conducting a controlled experiment so long as he & Andrea are in the room. If he ever figures that out, he might be on to something, & the more I watch him fumble about in piss poor form, the more I realize I'd probably be him. Once I saw one do something like go pick up its teddy bear, I'd want to know wtf that is all about
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