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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

The problem for Wonder Woman would be trying to decide who exactly would the movie be made for. Comic book movies are traditionally made for male audiences. In general, women might go see them but the audience is primarily male because the primary consumer of superhero products in general are male. It has been repeatedly shown that the male dominated superhero audience is much less likely to consume female led superhero products. Thus sales of female dominated superhero comics are usually much smaller than their male counterparts.

Thus a female superhero has to make up for the shortfall in male interest is sufficient female interest. For better or worse, this almost never happens. Women have in general shown less of a interest in this genre. If women do not flock to a Wonder Woman movie in massive numbers it would automatically be a flop.

This is the bind that both WB and Disney find themselves in with female superheroes. How do you make a film that will attract women without massively turning off the men. Twilight is a terrible example because that film has almost NO male viewers and that female audience would never be interested in superheroes.
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