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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Going back to what I said in my other post, the coloring on the Repulse is just weird. I did this in a minute in photoshop, shouldn't have taken them any longer to change it at the editing stage.

The Repulse is mostly green tinted in the original. And it's being lit by the same cool white/blue light source the Enterprise is. Whut?
Looks to me like it's just a slightly different shade of gray (perhaps because Curry thought it would give the shot a bit more variety, or because the Repulse is an older style ship).

I don't see it written anywhere that Starfleet ships all have to be the exact same color. In fact the Refit had a different tint to it in every freakin movie (sometimes greener, sometimes bluer, sometimes flat-out gray)! I don't understand why this is suddenly an issue now.
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