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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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After getting some INTENSE negative fan reactions, CBS might order the effects company to try to match the first season effects quality?

This reminds me of the audio screw up on the first season all over again. It had to happen so they could be more careful on quality control.
Nope. Audio mixing and a single phaser shot, while not a small amount of work was certainly doable in a short time frame. This would involve a major rework of (presumably) most of the episodes in the season. That's me talking out of my ass there, but I doubt the shots they haven't shown are stonking needles-in-the-eyes sharp amazeballs quality.
I know it is already too late for season 2 to change the visual effects. I was talking more about seasons 4 and 6. CBS might order the visual effects company to be more consistent with the company that did the first season.

I've always thought that studios needed to screw up before they can do better with a product. It happened with season one audio mistake, which should have never happened in the first place. I bet they are much more careful about checking that stuff after the huge fan outcry.
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