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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

cbspock wrote: View Post
What a bunch of whiney babies.
You have a point there. I think the whole Evil Curry vs the holy Legato debate is childish.

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You haven't even seen what the season looks like yet, and you are bitching up a storm over a planet shot.
Wrong. What we are seeing from TrekCore/FrontierTrek are final shots, considering he most likely has in possession a copy of the blu rays plus the fact that they are released in less than 2 weeks now means the discs themselves must have been in production for some time at this point. And its not just the one planet shot. It's the most glaring example of what folks are discussing, but its far from the only one.

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It still looks better than it did back in the 80s. Why don't you wait until the set is out before crapping in your diapers.
Yes, it looks better than it did in the 80s. No one here is debating that. The fact is the effects work on the season 2 Blu Rays (compared to season 1) are:

Quantifiably less detailed - look at how blurry the elements are all over the house.

Poorly composited - As has been pointed out, the lighting on the repulse from "The Child" screencaps is extremely warm vs the Enterprise's cool. They share the same light source, and in the original version they both have a cool tint to them. Why the change now?

And have had less general clean up work done to them than the season 1 Blu Rays had. - The starboard view of the Enterprise flying by stock shot from season 2 as seen in this thread has a noticeable matte line around the bussard collector which is absent from the same shot from season 1.

Sure, season 1 was not perfect, but if you do any comparison between a stock shot from the season 1 blu ray and the season 2 as many have, you will see the season 2 looks far less detailed than the identical season 1 shot is.

As for the argument that "Its how the original artists wanted it to look" - bullshit. Originally it was mastered on VHS, they only had so many pixels to play with. Now its on Blu Ray, you've got 1080 lines to fill. It looked that way originally because that was the only way it could look, now we have a shining example in season 1 of how it can look today. Adhering to the fuzz of the original tapes vs the original intent of the work seems to be the issue here. CBS-D honoured the intent, HTV-i seem to have gone for a carbon copy, just bigger.

I'm not going to call the work performed on season 2 crap, or shit, or insult any of HTV illuminate's mothers, but there is a substantial gap in quality in this season 2 release compared to the season 1 set which is either due to incompetence (unlikely) or a deliberate attempt too make the elements soft and fuzzy. It seems the latter is the case here, which to me is baffling due to the fact the whole medium of blu ray, the whole point of this restoration was to produce the footage in the highest quality possible.

It's incredibly disappointing for me, as I was a huge fan of the work done on Season 1. No doubt I'll still buy it however, because this will be the definitive version of season 2. It will not corrected no matter how many of us "throw a tantrum" over the issue. Plus I would like to see the special features included. It's just a shame that it doesn't quite hold up to the bar set by CBS-D on season 1.

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