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Re: Do the Homeless Get Free Medical Treatment at American Hospitals?

That's why Medicare and Medi-Cal (in CA) lose money! So many people do not pay anything.

Hubby works at a children's hospital. Well over half the kids get free medical care. And now that he's in a different department, dealing more directly with the parents, he's seeing exactly how many of these parents, receiving FREE medical care, are demanding pricks. On some, the child has a problem directly because of the parents' action or inaction, or because the parent isn't following instructions in caring for their child. Yes, things were clearly explained.

While Hubby and I are Dems, we agree with Romney on 25% (not 47%). Hubby's seeing a lot of this on the medical side. My attorney friends tell me about it on the legal side. Yes, there are a lot of deserving people needing medical and legal help who can't pay for it, but there's also a good number who either don't deserve it or are wrongfully far more demanding than anyone working their ass off to pay for it themselves.
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