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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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What a bunch of whiney babies. You haven't even seen what the season looks like yet, and you are bitching up a storm over a planet shot. It still looks better than it did back in the 80s. Why don't you wait until the set is out before crapping in your diapers.

I've probably seen as many or more screen shots of Season 2 as I did Season 1 prior to release.

I decided to buy Season 1 based on the footage and screenshots. I liked the quality and style of CBS-D's work.

There have been promotional shots and videos, just like in Season 1. I intend to make my decision the same way...and that decision is not to buy the Season 2 set.

There has been more than enough material to decide on whether or not to purchase.

"Still looks better than it did in the 80's" should look as good as Season 1 did, and no less.

Not cracking open my wallet for it.

Thankfully, it sounds like CBS-D has rocked Season 3. Looking forward to that.
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