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Re: Powerball. What could you do with a 425 million dollar lottery win

CA does not participate in Powerball. Damn! But if it did, the net after taxes would be somewhere around $150M.

What would I do? After talking with taxman and financial advisor, of course...

Pay off:
my house (pitifully small compared to $150M, you know?) and my siblings' and in-law houses
any student loans of family (past and future, as long as they were serious about school and not mooching) and some friends and maybe a few of their kids
buy a house in the LA area, not too big because...why
buy a place in the NYC area because Hubby and I loved it there
buy a place in London area or UK-countryside because I know Hubby would love it there

Since most of the money is left over, set up a foundation or whatever to be able to continue give money away, buying out debt (like/with OWS), etc, without running out too soon. No kids, so don't need to leave anything there.
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