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Re: ENTER -- TNG Avatar Contest #61: A Matter of Perspective

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Forgive my noobness, but I've seen several of these avatar threads and don't quite understand what's going on. Are these hypothetical avatar submissions? Are winners to use their entries as their avatars? I guess these questions are irrelevant since I can't use an avatar yet.
Anyone can enter avatars for the themes given in the first post, provided they comply with board rules for avatars i.e. they must be no bigger than 150x150 pixels and no larger than 140kb file size.

We then vote for our favourite entries in a poll and the winners receive much glory and a trophy.

If you're a noob and you can't use an avatar yet you can still enter you'll just have to wait until you're able to use any of your avatars under your username. (I'm presuming you're allowed to post images.)
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ENTER -- TNG Avatar Contest #101: Darmok
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