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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

I totally get why you feel suspicious of medication to handle your depression. I really do. I was depressed for a long time. pretty much since the age of 12. Around when I was 25 I was more down then I'd ever been and came to the conclusion that I was going to kill myself. Luckily enough I realized almost immediately what a horrible decision I had made, and how it would just break apart my family if I went trough with it.

I was so ashamed and confused about it all that the only way I could communicate it properly to my parents was to write an e-mail to them and tell them how I felt. And that I wanted help. We decided that maybe it was time for me to see a doctor and get some medication (I'd already been trough therapy earlier in my teens, but we quickly realized that I needed more help than that this time around). So we make an appointment with a doctor to talk about it. My mom came with me since I didn't know how to quite explain it. Luckily we met with a very understanding doctor and she started me on medication.

And let me tell you: it's the best decision I ever made. Only issue I've had with it is I upped the dosage after a few weeks since I didn't feel it was taking. But when it did, oh boy. One of my friends actually called my mom and asked if I was alright, seeing as I was so happy and energetic.

Now, that high didn't last forever. Today I'm at a manageable level, and truth be told the last year has been pretty rough and I wouldn't have minded being on double dosage as I once was (been on one pill a day for the last 1 years). But I can honestly say it has saved me. I feel like at recently turned 28, my entire life is just getting started. And that's not something I felt a few years ago.

Please, consider it. It's not for everyone. But when it works, it can do wonders.
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