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Re: Powerball. What could you do with a 425 million dollar lottery win

I like doing this kind of thought experiment.

I like the idea of getting a huge sum of money and using it to get on my feet. Pay off my family's debts, buy a house in the area I currently want to live, buy what I need to live a comfortable life there, and do the work that's really important to me. I'd like to save some and donate some to welfare programs in my state (programs that at this time I depend on). And give some of it away to friends and family who need it.

But then I start thinking am I going to have enough? Is this going to sustain me? What if I never make any more money again and this isn't enough and it all depletes so fast and I'm left with nothing?

And then, I kid you not, I get stressed out. About millions of dollars I don't even have.

I feel all freaked out now at the thought of it! It's like this vicious thought that numbers are finite and that means I'll never have enough. I'm pretty damn poor and even then I still have enough. But something about those big numbers just makes me feel crazy!

I cannot imagine ever being happy as a millionaire.
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