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Re: Much love to Kes

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It took about two years after the firing before Jennifer came up with a political correct statement about "contract not being re-newed". Before that, we only had the very vague and changing explanations from those in charge about why it was so necessary and beneficial to dump Kes.

And when did they take the upfront pictures for season 4?

What I've found out from certain reliable sources, it came as a surprise for Jennifer that she had been dumped and she was very depressed over it, something which is visible in the two first episodes of season 4 where her acting is not at the very best.

What I've been told from different sources, at least one of them what I consider reliable, it came as a surprise for Jennifer that she would be dumped. Now, I don't have the exact data or details when she was told that she was no longer a member of the cast but it must have been somewhere between the filming of season 3 ended and the filming of season 4 started. What I do know from different sources is that she was very depressed during the filming of "The Gift" and that the other actors weren't happy over the situation either.

I also read somewhere, I think it was mentioned on this forum that Ethan Phillips was so sure about being axed so that they actually planned a goodbye party for him. Obviously the decision about who they were going to axe came at a late point in the preparations for season 4. As for contracts or so, I remember a case when a certain hockey player didn't get his contract re-newed until one or two days before the series started.
So you're upset that the reasons for being let go were vague but sighting vague unknown "reliable sources" and speculative gossip should be taken as fact?
That's a contradiction.
So I heard....
Someone told me this....
I don't have the exact data but.....
If you admit you don't have the exact facts, how do you know its true?
That's your basis of facts?
A true reliable source would know actors have agents and these types of decisions can't be done due to the legal ramifications without going through them first and that it's the agents job, not the studio to inform their client if they have a job or not. That is what agents get paid for, to negotiate for and represent their clients.

The point is that the reasons they gave us were vague and changed all the time. First it was "Jennifer left of her own free will", then it became "oh we do actually axe her because we weren't able to come up with stories for the character", all that spiced with comments about how "Seven saved the show". Not to mention the wonderful word "mutual agreement" which is always used when there is foul play.
"Foul Play" refers to murder.
Nobody was murdered

When Sasha Alexander left NCIS, there were clear statements from both the producers and the actress herself why she was leaving. (She left because her family lives in Europe and she couldn't stand to be away from them for such long periods). All playing with open cards, no BS about writers not able to write for the character or "mutual agreement". Honestly, I hated and still dislike that they killed off Kate (her character), they could have let her leave on some other mission or so. But they were at least honest.
The actor, her agent and the studio all agreed that she be let out of her contract so she could be with her family.
That is actually called a "mutual agreement" because all parties involved agreed upon the terms given.
Was there "foul play" involved in this too because according to what you said above, all mutual agreement are ALWAYS an excuse given to cover up such a thing?
Again this is a contradiction of your own ideas and statements.
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