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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

Yeah WW has rarer had strong sales. Now the original Perez run did great numbers, for example, but as much as I like what Perez did how much of those sales came from Perez's huge sales success from years of Teen Titans being #2 or#1, to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Like many people have said, what is Wonder Women? There is literally dozens in just the last two decades, some that are widely widely different. If it wasn't for Perez's art I would have never, never bought the book. And I like his take on the character. It's actually one of my favorite.

The current take, I utterly despise the art. And while elements of the story I like, its a tall that has so little in relation to the original creation, that its actually turn off for me.

For the vast majority of people WW is either her cartoon character (modern), Super Friends, Lyda Carter or just the symbol. With the exception of some of the modern animation mostly her character is utterly undefined.
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