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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Just saw and damn.. pretty close to the brilliance that was Casino Royale (might change my mind a bit after the movie has settled and i have seen it a few more times once it's out on BD).

I just love the Craig Bonds.. even Quantum. They present us with a Bond who can be hurt, who has flaws, has issues, not overstocked on silly gadgets.. just a hardcore badass who'll do everything for King and Country.

Prior to seeing the movie friends and me talked about how the Bond styles changed over time and we came to the (maybe obvious) conclusion that Bond more or less are what the audience want.. a sort of mirror of current preferences of the audience.

The Bourne movies were huge hits and before Craig came along many claimed that this is what a modern Bond movie should be like stylistically and i'm glad the producers took some cues and changed the style of the new Bonds. They have even admitted that the Brosnan Bonds were too much fantasy and wanted to change that.

Some things that stood out in Skyfall:

- Javier Bardem as Silva.. damn, that was one psycho. He was funny and scary at the same time. A friend and me agreed almost instantly that he had many Heath Ledger-Joker like qualities and that made him absolutely brilliant. Loved how absolutely adverse he was to fighting, running around and getting all banged up.. it was just awesome that he put down all the Craig/Bond physicality and was just annoyed at it

- the return ot the traditional but updated characters.. Moneypenny is quite cool and she'll definitely not be the pretty secretary because we know she can kick ass if need be.. Q was hilarious and i nearly doubled over in laughter whe he made the snide remark that they don't produce exploding pens anymore
The new M remains to be seen what he brings to the table.. he's handy in a fight being an ex SAS man and is willing to break the rules if the results are worth it. Dench played an awesome M (even in the Brosnan years but during tehe Craig Bonds she really was even more awesome).

- special mention to the original Aston Martin DB5.. my heart sunk in pain and sadness when it got blown up (it at least got to annoy M for a bit and take out some bad guys)

Overall one of the best Bonds i saw.. loved how they showed that Bond can be hurt, that age really takes its toll in such a high action environment and that he can fail. It made for a much more interesting movie than a Bond who walks effortlessly to gunfire and takes the enemy out one by one.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next 2 Craig Bonds and hope they don't fall back into old habits and start kitting him out with ridiculous stuff from Q now that they've reintroduced him.
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