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Re: VOTE | Enterprise Avatar Contest: Bounty

Time to call this thing...

Jespah won the episode category with her avatar of Reed fending off T'Pol's affections and I came in second with a lovely picture of T'Pol's armpits.

Miss Lemon won the ENT Theme category with her avatar of blue on pink love, Hopeful Romantic came in second with another avatar of Andorian love, proving once and for all that trekkies have some bizarre fetishes.

Miss Lemon also won the Random theme with her Malala Yousafzai avatar with Jespah and I tying for second place with avatars of Rosa Parks and Neil Armstrong.

Jespah, (who claims to be a lady) you get to pick the next episode as well as getting the privilege of running the next contest. Congrabulations!

Miss Lemon, (who makes the same claim) you get to pick the the next ENT and Random themes. Congrabulations on your double victory!
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