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Re: Powerball. What could you do with a 425 million dollar lottery win

My charitable fund wouldn't make huge donations to any one charity. It would probably work along line similar to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (but with a lot less money).

Some of the things I would like to do would be

*Contribute to the running of the National Library System of East Timor especially with acquisition of books and the training of staff. I would also make annual donations to Book Aid International which provides a majority of the books in libraries in sub-Sahara Africa.

*Set up a company to publish high information/low vocabulary books suitable for people with intellectual disabilities.

*Donate more to Interplast Australia and ReSurge International (formerly called Interplast International) which provide free reconstructive surgery to people in developing countries - especially to burn victims and children with cleft lip and palate.

*Donate more to Kakapo Recovery, Save the Tasmanian Devil and other schemes helping endangered animals. With Kakapo Recovery I, at the start of each breeding season (usually every two or three years), pledge $10 for each chick hatched. If one of the kakapo die I donate $20 in his or her memory. I would dearly like to increase the amount of these donations, but I can't really afford to, but this breeding season I am going to try and get Kakapo fans on Facebook to make similar pledges.

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