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Re: Powerball. What could you do with a 425 million dollar lottery win

Collingwood Nick wrote: View Post
I'd buy a couple of businesses, properties, then retire and go see the world.
I'd invest in businesses and projects for the good of the country. Get people employed, support the local community. I'd want to make a lasting difference.

1001001 wrote: View Post
Destroy my enemies, and then finance Firefly/Serenity sequels.
I'd get involved in a production studio too.

Snaploud wrote: View Post
^Rule #1 about winning the lottery is keeping your mouth shut and asking the paper not to publish your name. Lottery winners would be a lot happier if they followed that advice.
I think even if you did keep quiet, your life as you knew it would be over. You could be preoccupied with new things to spend your money on, new causes to fight. I'm not sure I'd be able to relax. I'll take the risk though!

Miss Chicken wrote: View Post
All that would account for about 6 million of the winnings. After that I would use the rest to start up a private charitable fund.
What amuses me about charitable donations, is you could wipe out certain smaller charities with a massive donation. Whats the point in them rasing x amount in a year, when you can give them twice that with the click of a finger?

I'd probably do some sort of fund pledge. What ever they raised in a set time, I'd match. Make them work for it (I would say they're not a charity, but they are!) But I'd also have the pledge publicised, and invite those richer to do the same.
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