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Re: Do flaws make good characters great?

Are you you because you're flawed or because you're flawed and not flawed and interesting and just plain there?


I guess I find some flaws tiresome. You know they're only there because the writer wants to make his life easier. Sure real people are racists, but Kirk, Scotty, Picard? Not all real people are racists even after a lot of trauma and you'd imagine people like these being like them.

Picard's breakdown in "Family" was great immediately after BoBW, but you'd figure by "I, Borg" he'd be over it, and certainly not bigoted. Stewart was dazzling to watch in FC as Ahab, but at the same time at another level, it was tiresome and I was glad it was over soon enough.

Kirk and Scotty being racists in TUC felt like a slap in the face. The magic of Trek was gone in those moments and I felt like I was watching just a movie.

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