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In the year 2387 the Federation has seemingly come to calm from the years of chaos that enveloped it including the destruction of Romulus, the Borg Invasion, internal strife and more. Pushing aside these things Starfleet realizes that its goal and mission must continue; to seek out new life forms and new civilizations. The call of discovery, reaching for what we only normally dream of is still a passion that burns deep for so many.

Some choose to answer that call like all of us have for centuries; striving to learn, explore, and understand. These are the ones whose paths shine brightest, those who believe the stars merely guide their path but they themselves forge it. The mission of the USS Hyperion like those who yearn for knowledge is primarily that of exploration and discovery. Our journeys have led us to not only explore that which is within ourselves but that which is in the deep recesses of space and that which surrounds us. When the call is made however we will defend our fellow comrades, the Federation, and her people just as fervently as we would set off to discover the unknown.

Under the command of Captain Hargrev ch'Zoarhi the USS Hyperion has been commissioned as Starfleet's newest Luna class deep space exploration vessel. The Hyperion will set out to discover that which remains undiscovered and will also defend against any encroaching shadows which may try to come forth. Her Commanding Officer and crew know that destiny is not set in stone but it is a path carved along the way of your adventure. As for that path, it has no boundaries or limits, merely the willingness and determination of those who are ready to walk it or go running along it at warp speed. A world of opportunity awaits those who would join her crew, the question is; why haven't you already?

Security/Tactical Department: Those who have sworn to protect their ship and its crew; the Security/Tactical Department takes full responsibility for protecting everyone from threats whether they be internal or external, on board or planet side. Those with quick reflexes, an understanding of peacekeeping, and the justice system should apply if they are ready to see the edge of space and more. Roles from Department Head to Specialists are currently open.

Engineering Department: Tasked with the incredible job of not only keeping the ship running but fixing things at a moment's notice, those looking to join the Engineering team need a sound mechanical mind and the ability to think outside the box. On top of repairs and maintenance there is always the chance to explore new alien technology and getting the chance to upgrade the Hyperion's systems or most likely just deal with them. Roles from Department Head to Specialists are currently open.

Science Department: Whether it's daily work like sensor readings or unique events like trying to figuring out a way to enter that strange spacial anomaly, the science department is responsible for recording data, testing new ideas out, and making discoveries and that's just on a daily basis. Don't forget when new life forms are discovered or an alien race normally not dealt with by the Federation on a frequent basis there will always be a need for you and your department to explore even further. Roles are currently open from Department Head to Specialists.

That is but a brief taste of what is available aboard the U.S.S. Hyperion and trust me when we say brief, we mean brief. There are countless more department head, officer, and crew positions all waiting to be filled if you are ready to do so. Visit and come join our family!
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