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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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And in any case, I don't think it's worth throwing a tantrum over. I for one am still incredibly grateful this remastering project is even happening. I'm not going to start insulting and picking apart their hard work just because every effects shot doesn't look movie-quality. I mean, come on.
For me it has nothing to do with looking 'movie-quality' it is about consistency. HTV's work isn't just a minor deviation from the high bar CBS-Digital set with Season 1, it's a completely different approach esthetically. They took less care with things CBS did, like matte lines, star backdrops, and lighting. They totally revamped ILM shots that had already been finished..and in my opinion, they did them very poorly compared to CBS.

CBS Digital needs to be commended for the restraint they showed on Season 1, they really could have gone totally nuts and yet they didn't. The old team and HTV-Illuminate, appear to have shown absolutely no self restraint on Season 2. I think a little bit of ego got in the way, they went totally nuts with their 'vision', hurting not only the final product but also personally shattering any faith I had in their professional judgement....and they have lost themselves a sale for Season 2. I'm standing by that decision.

The two teams needed to work arm in arm and CBS is as much to blame for letting it happen in the first place. I certainly hope they have the guts not to let it happen ever again for the duration of this project. They're footing the bill for it...they should have been more assertive.

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In my opinion the original artists were too concerned with staying faithful to the original effects and they are partly to blame with not keeping in line with the earlier work done on CBS-D.
I agree. There is definitely such a thing as remaining too faithful and we definitely saw it with Season 2.
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